• 螺旋冷却塔


螺旋醒发塔Spiral fermentation tower
螺旋冷却塔Spiral cooling tower
螺旋速冻塔Spiral quick-freezing tower

为面包 全自动生产线上必备的冷却设备,在各个 国家地区的大型面包生产企业中普遍应用。
Requisite cooling equipment for bread automatic production line widely used in large-scale bread production enterprises in various countries and regions.

本公司 是国内率先在烘焙行业专业生产和推广螺旋冷却塔的生产厂家,目前该 产品已遍布国内众多知名面包生产企业,并批量 出口国外许多国家,使企业 的生产更加连续自动化。大大提高了生产效率,使产品 从烤焙到冷却到包装的顺序时间完全一致,大大提 高了产品的品质。
B&F takes the lead in domestic bakery industry on specialize production and promotion of spiral cooling tower manufacturers. The products throughout the domestic numerous well-known bread production enterprises, and bulk exported to many countries abroad, which make the enterprise with more continuous and automatic production. The product greatly increased the production efficiency; control the product with consistent time from baking to cooling till packing, greatly improved the product quality.

螺旋冷 却塔选用不锈钢螺旋网带或PP,POM食品级 工程塑料网带载体。网带宽度300-900mm。层间距 及层数依产量制定。冷却时间20-120分钟。
Spiral cooling tower choose stainless steel spiral mesh belt or PP, POM food-grade engineering plastic mesh belt carrier. Mesh belt width 300-900 mm; distance between layers and layer numbers in accordance with the capacity; cooling time 20-120 min.

特点:冷却产量大。可直接冷却汉堡、土司、甜面包,也可带盘冷却月饼,奶香包等。定制灵活,依据场 地和产能设计直径和网带。单塔上进下出,和下进上出,双塔下进下出。
Features: big cooling capacity. Directly cooling hamburger, toast and sweet bread; cooling moon cakes, milky buns with tray; flexible customization, design diameter and mesh belt according to the site and capacity; up input down output or down input up output for single tower; down input down output for double tower.

升降式 冷却塔适用范围:月饼,奶香包,甜面包,蛋糕类,全不锈钢结构,整个系 统全程电脑程序化控制,节省占地面积,组装灵活。适合中 小型生产线上带烤盘冷却。
Elevating cooling tower scope of application: moon cake, milky buns, sweet bread, cakes; complete stainless steel structure, whole system computer programmed controlled, which could save floor space, flexible assembly, suitable for cooling with tray in small and medium size production line.

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