百福得-----创立于2003年,专业致 力于大型烘焙企业的自动化生产线的制造。产品主 要有汉堡生产线,土司生产线,烤盘管理系统,自动醒发系统,多层式隧道烤炉,自动脱模机,自动出入炉系统,各种转弯回盘系统,自动冷却系统等。目前产 品已遍布中国并出口到澳大利亚,亚洲,非洲等许多国家。
Bf Bakery who was founded in 2003, professional committed to the automatic production line manufacturing for large-scale baking enterprise. Main products include hamburger production line, toast production line, baking tray management system, automatic fermentation system, multilayer tunnel oven, automatic stippling machine, automatic input-output system, various turning and backtotray system, automatic cooling system, etc. The products of BF throughout the country and have been exported to Australia, Asia, Africa and many other countries.
多年来 为众多的大型面包企业及麦当劳,肯德基 汉堡专业供应商配套生产安装了自动化生产线。
BF manufactured and installed automatic production lines for many largescale bread enterprises and specialized suppliers for McDonalds and KFC.
本公司 具备烘焙行业丰富的工程实施经验和系统集成能力,完善的项目管理流程,强大的技术开发能力,在面包 自动化生产线行业具有领先优势。能够更 好地理解客户需求,充分沟通,专门定制,所提供 设备和系统具有很高的性价比。近距离 的客户服务及快速响应解除客户的后顾之忧。生产线 流程模块化设计,布局灵活,适用不同厂房结构,结构紧凑,占地面积小,节省车间空间。优化人流和物流,减少浪费,提升生产效益。自动化程度高,大幅减少人力需求,降低生产成本。独立作业功能区分隔,降低污染风险,符合食 品安全生产要求。大大提升企业形象,符合开 放式参观工厂潮流。
BF possesses rich experience of project implementation and system integration ability of baking industry, complete project management processes, and pioneering advantages in bread automatic production line industry, which features could supply better understanding from customers need, fully communication, custom-made, high cost performance of equipments and system, close customer service and fast response to resolve your worries behind. BF adopts modular design production line process which support flexible layout to be suitable for various plant structure. The modular design could save workshop space with its compact structure and small area. The design could optimize people flow and logistics and reduce waste to improve production efficiency. BF products with high degree of automation which could reduce manpower demand and production cost. The independent operation function space could reduce pollution risk to meet requirements of food safety production. The above features enhance corporate image keeps pace with the open plant trend for visiting.
百福得 将本着专业创新的精神,诚信务实的态度,不断为 提升烘焙企业的大型自动化生产线的建立改造尽心尽力。
In the spirit of professional innovation and honesty pragmatic attitude, BF will make allout efforts on constantly improving foundation of largescale automatic production lines of bakery enterprises.


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